1. a designation of ones mental position in remaining optimistic for the resiliency of Mother Earth

2. a psychological state of cheerful acceptance

Usage:: 1.Having knowledge of mother natures resiliency to endure man kinds presents provides me solace in blithencile.

2. I can live in blithencile by understanding how anthropocentric behaviors, past and present, impact the environment during my existence in time.

Origin: David B. Oddo, Texas, 2015. Portmanteau derived from  blitheful – to be cheerful and  reconcile – to bring to submission or acceptance.

“I think for us who’s hearts are broken and feel defeated to the prevailing socio and economic bearing need a refuge. Blithencile (cheerful acceptance) is not a conceit to defeat, but a place to be.”

Synonym: Epoquetude

An antidote to crushing anxieties over the deteriorating state of the world, epoquetude is the reassuring awareness that while humanity may succeed in destroying itself, the Earth will certainly survive us, as it has survived many other cataclysms; and that, in the endless chambers of time, the lives of individual species, vast civilizations, and even entire worlds are merely brief notes in an inconceivable symphony, each sounding its distinct voice and then fading out, so that the music may continue.

Usage: Amid the pain and chaos of that summers headlines, she found epoquetude watching the waves crash to the shore over and over thinking they had done this for some for 3800 million years.

Origin: Anthony Discenza, California, 2015

portmanteau of Epoch (Latin) and Quiétude (French) See here 

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