adjective: Litherate

Definition: Having or showing knowledge of the physical characteristics of rocks on planet Eaarth*.

Litheracy is measured by the ability to identify and classify anthropogenic soils, geoarchitectures, and plastiglomerates, as well as a high degree of familiarity with the goings-on of the Anthropocene Working Group in the International Commission on Stratigraphy.

* According to environmentalist Bill McKibben, the Eaarth is the new name for the third planet from the sun, a planet whose profound and far-reaching physical transformations encompass even its geophysical signifier. In addition to this planetary body, Eaarth signifies the withdrawal of the familiarity of the Earth as a home, habitat, and stable point of reference for environmental thought.

Synonym: petroficiency

Usage :

1. As a result of her psychogeophysical drifts through the city, in which she became receptive to the telluric forces of masonry buildings, she achieved a high degree of litheracy.

2. As long as we are illitherate we will not be aware of the magnitude of destruction wrought by human activity, nor will we be able to appreciate the petric duets we are currently composing with other geophysical forces.

Origin: Jason Groves, California, 2015 lith (Ancient Greek: Stone) + literatus (Latin: learned)


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