The At·mo·re·la·tion·al


Definition: A relationship with, or interpretation of the world that is relational, and not object based. The Atmorelational Looks at the space or relationship between things as the primary point of focus.

This idea offers that it is impossible to determine the exact beginning of a thing or its precise end and that there is a fluid porousness between where the body/self ends and another begins. The term The Atmorelational can be used in place of the term Nature. IE “let the atmorelational take its course”.

The Atmorelational was influenced by the ideas conceptualized by the work of Caribbean poet and philosopher Édouard Glissant.

Usage: Faiza could feel the atmorelational at work all around her.

Origin: Léopold Lambert and Field Study 010 participants, during Paris COP21 Field Studies, 2015

portmanteau of Relation and Atmosphere subtracting  sphere

Relation: “connection, correspondence” 

Atmosphere: atmos Greek “vapor, steam” 



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