Refuvescence (colloquial)

The Werríng (Noun, formal, pronounced wu•’rng)

To Wormdazzle (Verb, Slang)



1)     The almost miraculous moment of transition when compost is infused with fresh oxygen and turns from smelling rank to smelling sweet and full of life.

This involves a sort tuning where the frequency of the matter itself changes, it is the edge of transition, like the rim of a glass—

A recognition within it that this moment, which seems like magic, is the communal, cooperative, alchemical work of millions of individuals: the communal work of bacteria, worms, fungi and other organisms that are not not typically associated with magic. An acknowledgement that death, rot and decay are the necessary fodder for life, growth and beauty.

2)     A collective moment of transformation when what seems mired, foul and utterly messed up in a society turns, as if by magic, into a progressive and uniting force. Where rotting structures and ideologies are turned or composted into fertile ground for new growth.

3.) (Noun) The agents of transformation within a rotting culture.  Those who do the vital work of decomposing what needs to transform so that habitable futures may be possible

3) psycho—geographic location where what has been foul transforms into that which is divine

Usage: We felt a great werríng and refuvescence year as the crumbling social structures around us began to bring new possibilities for a sustainable understanding of growth and progress. Amid the wormdazzle mushrooms and other fungi where all the rage.

Origin: Georgia Carbone, Alicia Escott, Zara Zimbardo, 2017

Ring (English) meaning both a circular band and a high pitched sound + Wer (Indo European root)  meaning to turn or to bend. Placing the vocal emphasis on íng to reference a tuning fork.


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