noun verging on proper noun

slang sometimes shortened to Zoista in spoken and/or written usage

Definition: 1. A human who willfully acts via creative interventions to cultivate restorative conditions for interspecies life to flourish in regions largely devastated by human activities. 

2. In the face of increased mortality during the 6th Mass Extinction, one who aspires to regenerate endangered ecosystems through interdisciplinary collaborations and uniquely different approaches.

3. Zlot, a number of zoeistas assembled to collaboratively work together.

origin: unrelated to the Polish currency, “Zloty,” except in its subtle harkening to the literal meaning, “golden.” Zlots perceive life to be more valuable than gold. 

4.(a) Electra-zoeista: n. hyperspecified subcategorized : a practitioner who provides life supporting habitat for corals via running low volt electrical current through large artistic metal sculptures which, once submerged in the ocean, serve as highly functional mineral fortified structures for coral reef restoration.

Usage: When they heard about the recurring massive bleaching and die-offs of corals in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, a zlot of Zoeistas rushed to the scene to initiate a massive coral reef restoration effort in hopes that global warming wouldn’t wipe out the corals completely.

“I was inspired to see my niece blossom into a zoista by planting special flowers in the abandoned urban lot so that pollinators will have food to survive in our city.”

Origin: Colleen Flanigan, New York; Heidi Quante, California; Vickie Sullivan, Arizona 2017

Roots: Zoe (Greek) meaning Life + Zoe (Japanese) meaning Uniquely Different + Ista (suffix) forming nouns denoting a person associated with a particular activity, person, cause, or system of belief

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