noun – The Gwilt

verb – to Gwilt including gwilts, gwilting, gwilted

Definition: To cause wilting in plants by not providing proper horticultural care out of concern for water consumption, especially during a time of drought. The feeling of regret and responsibility for its wilting. The accompanying compensatory feeling caused by watering said plants and experiencing further gwilt for not practicing water conservation. This is a form of a Double Bind

Usage: Gabriel felt incredible gwilt as he ceased watering his house plants due to the epic, unprecedented, historical four year drought gripping California.  Gabriel’s gwilt further grew as he witnessed his beloved, yet water intensive plants, gwilting daily.

Origin: Gabriel Harp, March 2015, California, United States.

Derived from Guilt (Old English: Gylt A feeling of having done wrong or failed an obligation) + Wilt (Low German dialect Welk to lose freshness).


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