Psy-ch-ic Cor-pus Dis-so-nance 


Definition: A term to express the conflict between mind and body that occurs when a person experiences unusually warm weather during a time that has historically been considered winter.  In this state the body experiences ecstasy to be in unusually warm weather while, simultaneously, the mind experiences worry and concern that weather patterns are deeply amiss, often resulting in a sensation akin to guilt or guilty pleasure.

Usage: Basking in the warm winter sun by the beach in San Francisco in January 2014, Heidi and Alicia both experienced psychic corpus dissonance as they sat comfortably in their sundresses looking warily at the dry dune scrub flowers blooming unusually too early, both sensing something was amiss with the seasons – an experience they did not have the language to express to one another.

Origin: Heidi Quante & Alicia Escott, California, United States, January 2014.





Synonyms: SchadenFebruary

Shadenfebruary is an experience that can encompass Psychic Corpus Dissonance, the term describes a pleasure received from good weather at the potential expense of other people, species, or even one’s future self. The term was coined to talk specifically about sunny weather during the California drought in 2015, and is hemispheric centric.

Derived from schadenfreude

Gregory Dicum, Field Study #001



1.When an otherwise Blissful experience in nature is wedded to or disrupted by the recognition that:

 — One is having an adverse impact on that place they are enjoying by being there.

— The understanding of how the place will be negatively affected in the near future by: urbanization, climate change or other disrupting factors.

2. The blissful short term experience of sunny, dry, pleasant weather that can accompany severe drought or other longterm climate changes— for which, the experiencer,  has long term concerns and which portends doom for all living creatures that depend on water in that area. In this context Blissonace can be used synonymously with Psychic Corpus Dissonance or Schadenfebruary.

sometimes termed Blissodissonance (bliss.o.diss.onace)

Stiv Wilson, and all participants in Field Study #004: Oceans, California, 2015


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