1.The strong longing and wishing for ones’ children to have their own children and to be able to manifest the affection and express the feelings of endearment inspired by having grandchildren, mixed with the simultaneous fear of knowing the life your grandchildren will inherit will be radically different than the present one, and perhaps filled with untold suffering  as climate change accelerates and drastically alters the Earth.

2.The simultaneous sensation of a strong natural urge for your children to have children mixed with an equally simultaneous urge to protect these yet unborn grandchildren from a future filled with suffering.

Usage: My NonnaPaura was so fierce I found it hard to know how to start a conversation with my three children, all of child bearing age, about whether they wanted to have children of their own.

Origin: Linda Ruth Cutts, Mother of Three, California, March 2016.

Nonna (Italian) meaning Grandmama + Paura (Italian) meaning Fear.


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