Definition: A seed that due to social trauma stays consciously dormant not out of oppression, but rather due to a deep intuition which senses not to seed until it finds itself in a fertile, fecund environment.

Usage: Swati was hesitant to invite her college friends to her parents’ home for dinner, as it was custom for Swati’s grandmother to tell deeply personal family stories and histories. Grandmother’s wisdom was like a quieseed, and Swati knew she would be cautious to reveal pieces of the story with strangers in the room.

Origin:  Ash Arder, Detroit, Michigan + Heidi Quante, California, November 2017.

Quiescent (Latin)  meaning ‘being still’, from the Latin verb quies ‘quiet’ meaning marked by inactivity or repose.
Seed (Old English sǣd, of Germanic origin Saat) meaning a flowering plant’s unit of reproduction, capable of developing into another plant. A propagative plant structure (such as a spore or small dry fruit).



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